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  •  I, the undersigned hereby declares that I have received, read and understand the 4 page information pack and Appendix A & B which includes the terms and conditions sent to me by a representative of The Empowering Institute.
  • It has been explained to me (in a familiar language) how The Empowering Institute can assist me as a member.
  • I have read through and understand the contents of the membership terms and conditions hereunder and agree thereto.
  • I will notify The Empowering Institute immediately if any of the above info changes. Should I fail to inform The Empowering Institute of any changes to the above, the latter will be indemnified from any liability resulting from the member's failure.



  1. Steps to be followed in order to benefit from the Services and Opportunities as a Member of The Empowering Institute:
    • Complete the Application Form supplied on Appendix A & B and kindly return.
    • Once approved to become a Member the successful Applicant must pay the prescribed membership fee into the, The Empowering Institute cheque account
    • a Compulsory one day orientation seminar must be attended by new Members at the office situated on 265 Ontdekkers Road, Horizon, Roodepoort. (Meals to be supplied).
    • After the above orientation seminar the Member will have a one-on-one meeting at the office above.
    • Scheduled appointments must be made by the member in person or telephonically with reception one working day before any meeting.
  2. Due to continuous marketing, the membership and membership fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  3. Due to the variety of business opportunities offered by The Empowering Institute the criteria and finance criteria may vary based on individual and industry risks.
  4. Separate Terms and Conditions are applicable as per every opportunity offered at The Empowering Institute.
  5. The member must give an undertaking to give his or her full co-operation to The Empowering Institute with any required information and/or documentation needed.
  6. It must be understandable that the possibility of an unsuccessful application for finance may persist due to unsettled accounts with creditors.
  7. The Empowering Institute is NOT a financial service provider, and therefore the onus is upon the member to obtain finance from a financer of his/her choice.
  8. Specific associates of The Empowering Institute offer's the financing of trucks, subject to a deposit and relevant Terms and Conditions, notwithstanding any bad credit listing.
  9. In the event of a dispute between the Member and The Empowering Institute the matter must be referred to for arbitration in order to save high legal costs.
  10. The Applicant/Member was introduced to an agent/representative of The Empowering Institute where after the Terms and Conditions were explained to me.
  11. Once a successful Applicant becomes a Member with The Empowering Institute, renewal of membership is non-essential by virtue of continuous membership.
  12. Application approvals are valid for a period of no more than 90 days from date of approval.

I do hereby state that I am familiar with the English language, I have read and understand the contents of the above TERMS and CONDITIONS, and that any confusion was clarified through reasonable explanation/interpretation in a familiar language known by myself.

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Signed by The Empowering Institute
Signed On: 1 December 2021

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